Apex Shed 1800×1800


Wooden Apex Shed Design 1800×1800 with floor.

This beautifully built traditional pre-panalised kit-set Redwood Apex Shed can be shipped NZ wide. Manufactured in full size pre-built, pre-sealed panels, flat pack kit-set.

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1800×1800 Centralised Double Doors, one Window $1975

Optional Black Antique Mini Flow Gutter

Pre-sealed/stained inside and out. Exterior requires 2nd coat on assembly. You can change colour with 2nd coat. The timber is warm, attractive and over comes condensation problems.

Cladding is 16mm Scandinavian Redwood tongue and grooved.

Size: 1800×1800
Eaves: 1700h
Apex: 2015h

Double doors  1770h x 1040w and has pre fitted black antique hardware including lock.

Roof interior is 16mm tongue and grooved Scandinavian Redwood match lining. Exterior is heavy duty ceramic chipped bitumen asphalt. Superior to iron, weather tight and condensation free. Optional antique gutter is extra.

Tongue and grooved floor is included in the price. The sub frame the shed sits on is not included. We do supply a plan and cutting list for this.

All timber is milled from sustainably managed forests.

Freight is not included in this price.