Antique Mini Flow Guttering

Traditional Slim-line Black Antique Plastic Gutter & Fittings

Almost all garden sheds and cabins are supplied with out any form of guttering. This can lead to problems such as boggy wet areas around the shed perimeter and even rotting of lower shed timbers over time. Fitting a small guttering system removes this issue completely.

Our new and popular 76mm Mini Flow Gutter in black or white connects into a 50mm downpipe. The attractive slimline system also allows water from the shed to be diverted into a storage tank through our water tank diverters.

A full range of gutter and downpipe fittings are available within this range, please select your components as required.

Miniflo half shed pack

Help reduce your carbon footprint with MiniFlo Gutter Half Shed Pack and water
tank, enabling you to conserve water, saving time and money on your garden.

Pack includes:
2 x 1m Gutter
1 x Union
2 x Fascia Bracket
1 x External Stopend
1 x Stopend Outlet
2 x 1m Downpipe
2 x Offset bend
2 x Pipe Clip
1 x MiniFlo Diverter